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FRIDAY 14/12 — 17:00-20:00 MEET & GREET

SATURDAY 15/12 — 13:00-17:00 WORKSHOPS

SATURDAY 15/12 — 20:00-01:00 DEMO AND PARTY

SUNDAY 16/12 — 13:00-17:00 WORKSHOPS



At Rombachs Glass we design and make all our products from waste glass. Rombachs glass works on large social artistic commissions as well as private projects. 

Rombachs Glass Studio is also a public working area for professionals and amateurs who are in need of fusing, slumping and cold working equipment. 

At Rombachs glass the projects and products that are made are not identical. Each piece is made so that it has its own personality.

The sculptures are idealistic and have activistic point of view, pointed towards pollution and the human condition linked to it. The social artistic commissions made at Rombachs are experiments in urban settings. How do we interact with each other and how can we improve on that ?

” I am constantly searching for ways to understand how we as humans interact with each other. I have come to realize that glassblowing aids me with this in that I can visualize these interactions in the products I make, and more importantly in the process I follow where I invite people to be a part of the glass forming process. The path I am exploring now is very much set into working with “captured moments”. Using photography and decal techniques I can essentially place an object in time, and give it a nostalgic direction or place it in an associative context. The idea of using images in glass has so many different avenues and is still relatively rare in the glassblowing community. I aim to delve into this technique.” Frederik Rombach, Borgerhout 2018