Sculptures working on Hypocrisy and Environmental issues.

All the work I make is made from waste glass. From my perspective I would find it very difficult to communicate my thoughts on our society and natural environment in another way. The studio is also striving to become 100% Green, not only in material use, but also in the energy water use and equipment. It’s not just about making sculptures that raise awareness for our environment and our perceptions, its about making work that makes sense on as many levels as possible.

I am constantly searching for ways to understand how we as humans interact with each other. I have come to realize that glassblowing aids me with this in that I can visualize these interactions in the products I make, and more importantly in the process I follow where I invite people to be a part of the glass forming process. The path I am exploring now is very much set into working with “captured moments”. Using photography and decal techniques I can essentially place an object in time, and give it a nostalgic direction or place it in an associative context. Through my work I aim to work on a more in depth level on issues like Hypocrisy. The way we perceive and present ourselves is at the moment closely tied to a growing global and environmental awareness. We are, to a large extent, aiming to be better than we are, collectively.


THE END OF THE CAVENDISH Media: waste glass, decals The Cavendish is a type of banana, the most common banana, the one we all know and eat. Throughout the ages banana's have had periods wherein 1 specific type had been cultivated and sold worldwide. Inevitably after years of non-diversity and over consumption each [...]



LUDO-why (it's only a game) Media: waste glass. The chance strategy game of Ludo - or more originally Pachisi is a game for 2-4 players,  originating in India. A simplified form was introduced into western society in  Great Britian in 1896. This version of Ludo is loaded with a layer of  daily news [...]



GOBLETS OF SHAME  Media: waste glass. In western cultures good news is often celebrated by a group of people having a few alcoholic drinks. For example, alcoholic drinks may be served to "wet the baby's head" in the celebration of a birth. Buying someone an alcoholic drink is often considered a gesture of goodwill. [...]