Waste Glass projects.

The glass art projects by Rombachs are public and private. Rombachs makes doors, windows, and interior and exterior objects that are designed and tailored to a clients needs. More importantly all the work is made from waste glass, a renewable low cost environmentally friendly material. All of the projects made by Rombachs are made to order. We believe that production does not mean over-production. We make what is needed, nothing more.



BOTTLES For an up and coming distillery these bottles were designed and produced, all 100% waste molten glass. The idea was to make the bottles differ from each other, while at the same time keeping roughly the same volume. The stamp was a reference to the medieval method of branding. It takes about [...]



GLASSWARE For MESA restaurant in the center of Antwerp these 100% waste glass pieces were made. Drinking glasses that suit the atmosphere and make a statement at the same time. Rombachs does production jobs for these kind of projects, projects and entrepeneurs that are looking towards sustainable and eco friendly ways of doing [...]


POS & Retail

POS & RETAIL Recycling beer, gin or any kind of bottle into lamps, candleholders or specific objects is something we enjoy doing. Logo placement is done through a graphic transfer technique ensuring your brand will always be visible in a very durable esthetic way. Some of our clients are De Koninck beer and Hendricks [...]


Social artistic project

LIBRARY ROESELARE Social artistic work integrated in historic stained glass. For the new library in Roeselare (Belgium) rombachs developed a concept that involved working with youngsters from sensitive backrounds in workshop form to make glass objects. Whilst they were working, photos were made and these photos were transfered into glass and integrated [...]



Speel-o-rama During a summer festival Rombachs glass set up a studio where young kids could come in and decorate a glass panel. The panel was then fused at the studio of rombachs and then brought back the next day to be installed into a architectural structure. On the last day of the festival [...]


Water for Life

WATER FOR LIFE Water for Life is a foundation set up by the drinking water companies Vitens, Evides Waterbedrijf, WML and Watercompany Groningen. Their customers can become permanent donors and donate money through their water bills. Both customers and non-customers can make a single donation or raise money through events they organize themselves. [...]


Windows & Doors

WINDOWS & DOORS     Rombachs works in private and public commissions realizing doors, windows and panels in many sizes. There is always direct communication with the client from innitial sketch to final product. The techniques used vary from the old stained glass technique and tiffany glass, to fused and graphic transfer work. [...]