Project Description


Media: Plastic bags, waste bottle glass.

Lobsters are resilient creatures, being able to sustainably live in our oceans to depths of up to 410 meters. They have a surprisingly long life span, estimated to be up and over 70 years, nearing the average life span of a human being.

Our consumer driven society seems to think itself invincible with an annual dumping of plastic waste in our oceans of up to 200.000 tons. We are fast moving to kill off our eco system at a rapid pace.

Throughout time we have needed to depict our life, our situation, in art. We find the need to react to our situation, yet more and more often we use the same tools to show our distress as the causes of our distress. In short; we use the crap we hate to depict about our own crappy situation.

This piece is about that need. What it should say is that our waste and consumption levels are obese.

We should associate ourselves with this glass lobster. They, just as us, die.

Reflect on this as you stand over the open casket funeral of this creature. We should be next.