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The studio is equipped with coldworking machines for grinding and polishing. The hotshop consists of two glory holes and a number of cooling ovens for smaller glass blowing work. For fusing there is large fusing oven.

Visits can be arranged for interested parties, and if you’re an artist looking to get some work done, let us know so we can work out a deal!



Rombachs works with wine bottles we get from local bars in the area of the shop. Different bottles give different effects, which is a great inspiration. If you have a bottle of your own and want something special made out of it, let us know!


Rombachs has built the ovens for blowing glass in a unique way, utilizing secondhand objects as well as making use of the thermal properties of the glass itsself to cool the realized objects. It’s a way of thinking unique to the work and ideals of rombachs; “We can do a lot with what we have. It just depends on how you look at it”


We make our packaging the same way we make our products; with care and with what is already there. We use newspaper, and throwaway paper from a shoe store in the area to make these “cushions”.


Here is a short introduction to how things are done here at Rombachs.

We hope you will enjoy it, Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any more questions on the atelier, or anything else.