“It’s not about the words, it’s about the message”

Foundation “GlasWerkt” translates as GlassWorks, and herein lies the goal of the foundation. We are aiming to reach the youth in our local community that have recently entered the country. Young immigrants very often find themselves having to learn the language as well as exploring the culture.

The foundation has set up a weekly program with OKAN, a go-between for young immigrants to learn the language before being able to continue their life pursuits in the Flemish education system. The collaboration with OKAN sets out to give 12 youngsters the chance to learn to express themselves in glass art, as well as being given the opportunity to speak, listen and write about their work in Dutch.

The yearly program hopes to inspire students to become professional glass artists and move forward through academic institutions as well as becoming members of the “GlasWerkt” team, helping other youngsters find their way once they start our program.

Your contribution means that the studio will be able to pay for basic materials, gas, electrics and coaching for the students. We need 900,- euros per month to break even. With more funding and contributions we can also start to set up vacation camps for the kids as well as setting up an online gallery for their work.

Because our studio is quite large and we accept only 12 students we will have no problems following social distancing regulations for ourselves as well as the youngsters.

Feel free to follow weekly updates on the program through our facebook page : Rombachs Glas/VZW Glaswerkt


Looking to donate one-time or donate monthly ? We have returns, check them out below and fill out our donation form.

Would you rather just donate whatever you want, monthly or one-time? Fantastic, that’s also possible through our donation form.

You will be updated on a quarterly basis on how this project is going and we will invite all the donators to all the showings of the students.

Thanks for being a part of this.


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By contributing 2 euros per month you help us immensely.

And, as a thank you we will be sending out a small gift to you for christmas this year!


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5 EUROS is a great gift to give us, thanks!

As a reward you will recieve 1 FREE HOTGLASS WORKSHOP PER YEAR, and a small gift from our students.


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This is what you receive when you contribute 10 euro per month:

A voucher worth 120 euro for anything at Rombachs OR a hotglass workshop + drinks in hotglass for 2

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A voucher worth 240 euro for anything at Rombachs OR A weekend (saturday or sunday) workshop + drinks for 2 (ca. 5 hours )


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50 EUROS per month! Awesome, this means a lot!

And this is the return:

A voucher worth 600 euros for anything at Rombachs OR a family/friends/company glassblowing event (ca. 4 hours), for max. 12 people